Kryptering: Staten, GAFA og den almindelige sikkerhed

Baggrund & henvisninger

Brussels launches probe into rule of law in Poland
FT World Weekly, 13-01-2016

One step too far for the British security state
Financial Times, 11-02-2015

Data shed new light on EU migration
Tony Barber Blog
Financial Times, 03-02-2016

Germany to introduce ID cards for refugees to tighten security
Financial Times, 14-01-2016

US intelligence chief: we might use the internet of things to spy on you
The Guardian, 09-02-2016

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter submit evidence on the UK Investigatory Powers Bill
Global Network Initiative, 08-01-2016

Apple says surveillance push risks paralysing global tech sector
Financial Times, 21-12-2015

Silicon Valley faces forced data decryption move in UK
Financial Times, 09-02-2016