Overvågning: Ansigtsgenkendelse i det offentlige rum

Baggrund & henvisninger

Watchdog warns over police database of millions of facial images
The Guardian, 13-09-2017

Automatic Facial Recognition Software Helps Police Make an Arrest in the U.K.
Slate/FutureTense, 06-06-2017

Biometric data and the General Data Protection Regulation
Gemalto NV, 18-09-2017​

Surveillance cameras and GDPR
Surveillance Camera Commissioner, 30-06-2017

Facebook ends facial recognition in Europe
Financial Times, 21-09-2012

Facial recognition technology sparks privacy concerns
CBS This Morning, 06-02-2014

Six Questions for Christopher Slobogin, Author of “Privacy at Risk”
Harper’s Magazine, 29-01-2008