Konkurrence: Google anklages på løst grundlag

Baggrund & henvisninger

Statement by Commissioner Vestager on antitrust decisions concerning Google
European Commission – Statement, 15-04-2015

Antitrust: Commission probes allegations of antitrust violations by Google
EU Kommissinen DOC IP/10/1624 / 30-11-2010

Statement of VP Almunia on the Google antitrust investigation
EU Kommissinen DOC SPEECH/12/372 / 21-05-2012

Statement by Vice President Almunia on the Google investigation
EU Kommissinen DOC SPEECH/12/967 / 18-12-2012

Alan Riley: The Failed Search for a Google deal
Financial Times, 16-04-2015

Users could be losers in ‘EU vs Google’
Mario Mariniello: Bruegel, 17-10-2013
Bruegel is a European think tank that specialises in economics