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The Data That Turned the World Upside Down
Motherboard, 28-01-2017

How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions
The New York Times, 17-03-2018

Cambridge Analytica exploited Facebook data with style
John Gapper, Financial Times, 21-03-2018

Cambridge Analytica explains how the Trump campaign worked
YouTube, 12-05-2017
Molly Schweickert, Vice President Global Media from Cambridge Analytica on “How digital advertising worked for the US 2016 presidential campaign”.
How they used Facebook user data and other sources to target specific users with individual messages for the 2016 Trump election campaign. She is Alexander Nix’ digital marketing expert.

The Power of Big Data and Psychographics
YouTube, 27-09-2016
In a presentation at the 2016 Concordia Annual Summit in New York, Mr. Alexander Nix discusses the power of big data in global elections. Cambridge Analytica’s revolutionary approach to audience targeting, data modeling, and psychographic profiling has made them a leader in behavioral microtargeting for election processes around the world.

Facebook has lost $60 billion in value
TechCrunch, 20-03-2018

It’s Too Late
Motherboard, 21-03-2018

The Researcher Who Gave Cambridge Analytica Facebook Data on 50 Million Americans Thought It Was ‘Totally Normal’
Motherboard, 21-03-2018

Four and a half reasons not to worry that Cambridge Analytica skewed the 2016 election
The Washington Post, 23-03-2018

Why Did So Many White Women Vote for Donald Trump?
Fortune, 18-11-2016

Anti-Semitism in the age of Donald Trump
Edward Luce, Financial Times, 21-03-2018

Who voted for Donald Trump? Mostly white men and women, voting data reveals
The Independent, 09-11-2016

Facebook – Kursfald, 59 mia $ (= ca. 356 mia. kr.) Kilde: Financial Times 21-03-2018

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I alt, markedsværdi 339 mia. kr. Kilde: Euroinvestor, 22-03-2018