Skyen i 2015: Et kapløb om global dominans

Baggrund & henvisninger

Vægttabet i produktionsapparatet
Diane Coyle: A shift to a decluttered digital economy
Financial Times, 03-11-2015

Konsolidering og øget effektivitet gennem serverdrift i Skyen
Cisco Global Cloud Index
Forecast and Methodology, 2014–2019 White Paper

Microsoft regnskabstal
Microsoft Earnings: Cloud Fillips Revenue Even As OS Sales Decline
Forbes, 26-10-2015

SAP regnskabstal
SAP Bests Oracle, Other Rivals in Shift to Cloud Computing
Bloomberg, 13-10-2015

Googles omstilling til Skyen
Urs Hölzle, Google’s 8th employee and tech guru, thinks the cloud could make more money than ads
Business Insider, UK, 18-11-2015

Amazon regnskabstal for AWS
Microsoft, AWS and Google Report Strong Cloud Growth, Aim to Compete on Features
Web Host Industry Review, 27-10-2015

Worldwide Semiconductor Foundry Market Grew 16.1 Percent in 2014, According to Final Results by Gartner
Gartner.com, 13-04-2015

Foundry Sales Defy IC Decline – TSMC’s market impact exceeds Intel’s
EE-Times, 22-10-2015

Samsung looks to rake in the chips – Heightened focus on expanding its foundry business puts pressure on industry leader TSMC
Financial Times, 22-10-2015

Unicorns og børsintroduktioner
Tom Braithwaite: Why the titans of the ‘sharing economy’ are shunning IPOs
Financial Times, 11-12-2015

Europa, persondata, kryptering
Thomas Rid: The hype over metadata is a dangerous myth – The UK risks setting a worrying precedent for more illiberal jurisdictions
Financial Times, 18-12-2015